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Vermirror Pro™ Comparator Mirror

Vermirror Pro™ Comparator Mirror

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  • Paint & draw with stunning realism instantly. Even if you have no artistic background or experience.
  • Easily create beautiful pieces up to 24"x 36"
  • Fully & Easily Adjustable, all the way down to 4"x 6"
  • Turns Artists into Masters & Enthusiasts into Aficionados
  • Made in the USA
Vermirror reflects your image over a canvas or paper.  So you can make mistakes, see what you did wrong. And fix it.  Instantly. It's the Old Master's secret tool. Revivified for your use in the 21st century.
Designed & manufactured in New York using:
  • 18" Aluminum vertical arm
  • 24" Aluminum rod horizontal arm
  • 9" x 4" Solid Wooden Base
  • Lab Grade Zinc/Aluminum rod holder
  • 2" Circular Glass Mirror
  • PETG Mirror Holder
  • 3M Rubber Feet for Stability
If you have any interest in art at all, you need to try this. 
So you too can know how it feels to create something beautiful
and the inspiration in the creative process of making incredible art. 
Even if you have no experience or ability.


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    Tony White
    Vermirro Pro

    I was very frustrated and disappointed when I tried to use the Vermirror. I think the kit needs a sample picture to practice on and better instructions as to how to set up the mirror -approximate height and distance from the picture to place the mirror.

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for your feedback. It's very useful. And I'm putting your suggestions in a new draft of the instruction manual right now, so I appreciate it.
    Obviously I wish you'd had an easier time starting out with your comparator mirror - but nonetheless you're not the first one who's had a question about getting started with it.
    And I'm going to address those right now.

    On distance and height: You're going to want the distance
    from your mirror to your source pic approximately the same distance as your mirror is above your drawing or painting surface.

    In other words
    if your distance is 10 inches, you'll also want your height to be 10 inches.
    if distance is 18 inches, your height will be about 18 inches.
    (There are ways to mess around with height and distance where you can get the image larger or smaller - But to START, this is certainly the easiest way to get your image squared away.)

    Additionally, per your suggestion;
    I will be adding a detachable picture (or 2) in the back of the instruction manual so our customers can use it to start with if they choose. So thank you again.
    And i'm happy to send you this picture in the mail if that's ok with you.

    Thank you again Tony. Your feedback is valuable, and most appreciated.



    P.S. If you've still got any questions you can always reach us at 315-730-9044 for free coaching/ customer support. We've had great results from the few calls we've had, so please don't hesitate if there's something else we can help you with.

    Wonderful Tool!

    This is the only one on the market that I know of. It stays stable and produces a fine mirror edge. Thank you Vermirror!

    New way to see

    Vermirrow takes a little getting used to but I am having fun using it!!

    So excited!

    I've been saving up to buy myself a Vermirror unit for a while - it came well packed, and well made. Very happy to add this to my workshop! It's well made, and a happy addition. LC

    Great tool

    Vermirror offers excellent customer service and all the assistance you may need. It is easy to use while wearing glasses and doesn’t require keeping one eye closed.

    Here is a first sketch.