Tim Jenison: The Most Interesting Man in the World - Rediscovering the Comparator Mirror in "Tim's Vermeer"

Tim Jenison: The Most Interesting Man in the World - Rediscovering the Comparator Mirror in "Tim's Vermeer"

Tim Jenison, an inventor, entrepreneur, and self-taught artist, captured the art world's attention with his groundbreaking documentary, "Tim's Vermeer." The film chronicles Jenison's quest to recreate Johannes Vermeer's painting techniques using an innovative optical device – the comparator mirror. In this blog post, we'll delve into Tim Jenison's fascinating journey and the rediscovery of the artist comparator mirror, which has since revolutionized the way artists approach their craft.

  1. Tim's Vermeer: The Journey Begins

"Tim's Vermeer" follows Tim Jenison's ambitious attempt to recreate Vermeer's iconic painting, "The Music Lesson," using the same techniques and tools believed to have been employed by the Dutch master. Jenison's research led him to develop a hypothesis that Vermeer used an optical device – a Vermeer optical device, or comparator mirror – to achieve his astonishing level of detail and accuracy.

  1. The Comparator Mirror: A Revolutionary Artistic Tool from Tim's Vermeer

The comparator mirror is a simple, yet ingenious tool that enables artists to compare their work directly with their subject or reference image. This allows for accurate and precise reproduction of colors, proportions, and perspectives.

  • How it works: The artist places the comparator mirror at a 45-degree angle between the canvas and the subject or reference image. By looking through the mirror, the artist can compare their work directly to the subject, making it easier to spot discrepancies and adjust accordingly.
  1. The Vermeer Optical Device: Unlocking the Secrets of the Old Masters

Jenison's work on the Vermeer optical device has sparked a renewed interest in the role of technology in the world of art, particularly during the Dutch Golden Age. His research suggests that Vermeer, and possibly other artists of the time, may have used optical devices like the comparator mirror to achieve their remarkable level of realism and detail.

  • Impact on art history: The discovery of the Vermeer optical device has led to a reevaluation of the techniques used by artists throughout history. It challenges the notion that such levels of realism were achieved purely through skill and natural talent, opening the door to a new understanding of artistic processes.
  1. Bringing the Comparator Mirror to Modern Artists

Inspired by Tim Jenison's groundbreaking discovery, Vermirror.com offers high-quality comparator mirrors for today's artists. These modern artist comparator mirrors provide a versatile and practical tool that can help artists of all levels improve their accuracy, perspective, and proportions.

  • Benefits: The artist comparator mirror is not only useful for replicating images but also serves as an invaluable tool for artists seeking to refine their observational skills and enhance their overall creative process.


Tim Jenison's innovative and thought-provoking journey in "Tim's Vermeer" has redefined our understanding of artistic techniques, particularly those employed by the Old Masters. The rediscovery of the comparator mirror as a Vermeer optical device has opened new avenues for artists to refine their skills and achieve greater accuracy in their work. Explore the possibilities and benefits of using an artist comparator mirror in your own creative process by checking out the comparator mirrors at Vermirror.com today.

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