How To Use A Comparator Mirror

 The simple 4 step process outlining how to use a comparator mirror. 

And below that you'll find some short videos showing you techniques and styles you can use to make great art with your comparator mirror (even if you have no artistic ability).

Now let's begin!

1.     Place your Comparator Mirror on a table or desk



2.    Place whatever you want to paint or draw in front of you. 


  3.    Look at the edge of your mirror -
You'll see your subject reflected over your canvas or paper.



4.     Move your gaze around the mirror.
You'll see different areas of your picture.  
Match the color you see at the edge of the mirror with your paint brush.
Or if you're drawing, simply draw the lines, shadows or highlights you like and leave out what you don't want.


And that’s it!  Now hang it, sell it, or give it as a personal & thoughtful gift!


 To Review:

 Here's what it looks like from the side-

Want a brief video demonstration? Here's what it looks like Using A Comparator Mirror To Paint & Draw realistically.

(Check back soon as these videos will be updated periodically featuring more tutorials and techniques to get you started making amazing life-like artwork)


Now, you might be thinking - "Great, that might work for some people, but not me.  I can't even draw a straight line!"

In this next clip, you'll see that you don't even need to draw a straight-line to convey your image accurately.

I used to think that I'd never be able to paint or draw accurately

10 years ago when I was trying to become an artist (And had ZERO ability) I thought it had to take 

But I can confidently say YES, it WILL work for you.

Because Vermirror will work for anyone with eyesight, and the ability to move a pencil or paint brush.

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If you want to see a comparator mirror in action in the acclaimed documentary Tim's Vermeer: click on this clip below to see the magic of the comparator mirror in use by the man who rediscovered this secret ancient art tool. 👇