Lucy Drawing Tool Alternative - The Comparator Mirror

Lucy Flex Camera Lucida Vs. VerMirror

I could write a whole bunch of stuff about the 1800's.

And how all sorts of artists and engineers used the Camera Lucida to draw quite accurately.


       Bottom line is this. 

The Camera Lucida only let's you draw accurately.

Our comparator mirror lets you Draw AND Paint with life-like accuracy.

Right out of the box. 


No Experience Necessary (more on that later).

Historically this is what it looked like:

Camera Lucida Results & Comparator Mirror Results

I show this not to smear the two artists on the left. 

On the contrary. They are fine pieces  

My point is this -

You can make any of the above works of art with our Comparator Mirror.

But a Camera Lucida, like the Lucy Flex can only make the two on the left.

        Today we have better quality and variety of images to paint from. Compared to past generations when the above pieces were created.

And given that, here's what an untrained person can expect to produce with each tool today.  

Lucy Flex And Vermirror side by side comparison.  Camera Lucida Vs Comparator Mirror

The camera lucida is a useful tool. But our comparator mirror does everything it can. And much more.  And for about HALF the price -


      Camera Lucida   (Lucy Flex)

Comparator Mirror (Vermirror)
Paint With Life-Like Realism
Draw With Accurate Proportion
Match Tint (White Level) Paint Light Accurately
Match Shade (Dark Level) Paint Shadows Accurately
Price (Standard Size) $97 $53.99
Price (Mini) $59 34.99


The Lucy lets you draw with accurate proportion.

But our comparator mirror does too.

AND it lets you match color. As well as light/dark levels. And more!                And for less money!

       Sure, you'll get better with VerMirror as you use it.

But the average untrained person will see a 100, maybe even 1000% improvement in their painting (and drawing) ability right out of the box. Myself, an untrained, unartistic amateur definitely did.

But even if you're a good artist, VerMirror will take you from good - to great.

So why buy a camera Lucida, like the Lucy Flex, or Neo Lucida for Instance,

When our Comparator Mirror lets you do everything both of those do and ALSO makes you an expert level painter pretty much immediately. (And for less money!)

       There are endless sources of high-quality pictures to choose from

  • The internet
  • Photography of our pets and loved ones,
  • Not to mention scenes we can Photoshop or its free and more user-friendly counterpart "GIMP"
The creative possibilities are endless.


And the new artistic styles in the 300 years since Vermeer used the comparator mirror give us even more ability to make something genuine to our personal taste.

       It's true.  I have no real inherent artistic ability.  But when I decided to become an artist 12 years ago I knew I needed to figure it out, and fast. 

After scouring the internet for two years I found the documentary Tim's Vermeer. Where Tim Jenison rediscovered this tool "the comparator mirror" when contemplating how Vermeer achieved such glowing realism in his artwork.

       In the ten years since, I've been building comparator mirror prototypes and using them

  •  to give portraits as heartfelt, personalized gifts
  • make money on commissions
  • and make artwork for my own home I never thought I was capable of in my wildest dreams

Now that we have arrived at a quality, easy to use, versatile comparator mirror model - it's time to share this once Secret tool with the world. 


VerMirror Pro™ - Full Size Comparator Mirror 

VerMirror MINI™


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