Unlock Your Inner Artist: How to Draw and Paint Realistically with Vermirror

Have you ever marveled at the lifelike detail in a painting by an Old Master and wondered, "How did they do that?"
What if we told you that you could achieve the same level of realism in your artwork, regardless of your artistic background?
Yes, you read that right.
With Vermirror, the revolutionary art tool inspired by "Tim's Vermeer,"
you can instantly elevate your drawing and painting skills.
In this blog post, we'll show you how to draw realistically,
how to draw a realistic eye,
how to paint realistically,
and how to draw a realistic person—Even if you can't draw a straight line.
All with the help of Vermirror.

How to Draw a person realistically.

What is Vermirror?

Vermirror is a comparator mirror.  A tool that demystifies the art of realistic drawing and painting. This tool was popularized by the documentary "Tim's Vermeer," which explored the theory that Old Masters like Vermeer used optical aids like comparator mirrors to create their hyper-realistic artworks.

How Does Vermirror Work?

Vermirror works by superimposing the reflection of your subject over your canvas or paper. This allows you to directly compare and adjust your artwork in real-time, ensuring that proportions, angles, and colors are spot-on.


How to Draw Realistically with Vermirror

Drawing realistically is often seen as a skill that takes years to master. But with Vermirror, you can fast-track your way to creating lifelike sketches. Here's how:

  1. Set Up Your Subject: Place the picture you want to draw in front of you.
  2. Position Vermirror: Align the comparator mirror in front of your picture, and over your canvas or paper. Comparator Mirror Setup For Drawing Realistically
    So that when you look down in your mirror - you see your subject and your drawing surface at the same time.
  3. Start Drawing: Use the reflected image as a guide to draw your subject with incredible accuracy. (More on that below) 👇

How to Draw a Realistic Eye

Drawing a realistic eye can be a daunting task, but not with Vermirror. The tool allows you to capture the intricate details like the iris pattern, reflections, and even the minute blood vessels, making your drawing come alive.

  1. Focus on the Eye: Either get a picture of an eye you'd like to draw or focus on the eye area of your subject looking through your comparator mirror.

    This is the picture we'll be using for this demonstration. (We'll flip it upside down - so it appears right side up in our mirror).

  2. Sketch the Outline: Outline the basic shape of the eye, including the eyelid  iris and pupil.
  3. Add Details: Look at the edge of your comparator mirror and match the shading and highlights of the eye you see. Below we're starting this process by shading in the pupil.
    To get your drawing to look exactly like the real thing, you'll just continue shading it in darker. 
    Until the color (of the pupil in this case) on your canvas matches exactly the color you see in your mirror.
    Say you'd like to draw/shade in the eyelid next:
    To do this you'll just move your gaze around the mirror, and look at the part of the picture you want to draw next. 
    You can see how moving your head and gaze around the mirror shows you different parts of your picture in the gifs. As the camera moving around imitates this part of the process. 
    Further adding the finer details make an eye look realistic, and with this tool realism is something anyone can achieve. regardless of your artistic ability or background.
    Now, this is by no means as accurate a result as you can achieve with this tool.
    But it does give you an idea how the comparator works. And how you 
    too can draw an eye (or anything else you'd like) with life-like realism.

    Drawing an eye Realistically
                     Not a bad 5-minute sketch for an untrained amateur.

How to Paint Realistically

If painting is more your style, Vermirror has got you covered. The tool is not just for sketching; it's equally effective for painting. Follow the same steps as you would for drawing, but this time, use your paintbrush to match the colors and shades you see at the edge of your mirror. (We'll have more blog posts about this in the near future.)

Or, if you'd like to watch a brief clip showing you how to paint realistically with this tool check out the clip below. 
The demonstration part is less than a minute,
and it will blow away any preconceived notions you had-
that it takes years to paint realistically. 
When in reality, you can do it. Today.

Click on the clip below to see for yourself 👇


Whether you're interested in learning how to draw realistically, how to draw a realistic eye, how to paint realistically, Vermirror is your go-to tool. It's time to stop admiring the Old Masters and start creating your own masterpieces. Unlock your artistic potential today with Vermirror.

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