Comparator Mirror Used by Vermeer in The Art of Painting

1 Comparator Mirror Is Worth 100 Art Lessons.

You might think it's hard.  But making beautiful & realistic artwork isn't just for the professionals.

There are many tools that let the average person pick up a pencil and sketch with some degree of accuracy.

But only one tool let's you paint AND draw with a high degree of accuracy, instantly.

That tool is the comparator mirror. It's the most powerful and easy to use art tool available. And it let's anyone paint & draw realistically (even if you have no background or natural talent). 

Maybe you've heard of a few of these other artistic drawing aids.

Let's quickly compare the pros and cons of each 👇

We're going to look at:

  • Art Projectors

  • Light Box 

  • Camera Lucida


Realistic Proportion


(Light /Dark)
Color Large Scale Work
VerMirror Pro™ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Art Projector Yes No No Yes
Camera Lucida Yes No No No
Light Box Yes No No No (unless you have a large lightbox $$$)


A Camera Lucida, is fine if you want to outline a subject in front of you, but you can't match the color tone if you want to PAINT.  Same with Art Projectors.
But what about a light box?  Great, you can trace the outline of your source, but again - you cannot PAINT realistically with it.

The comparator mirror, as rediscovered by the documentary "Tim's Vermeer" is the most user-friendly and versatile drawing/painting aid on the market.

And after seeing dozens of people unable to find one for sale - we decided to make one available for people who wanted to try it for themselves.

You can get the Vermirror Pro™ comparator mirror here (good for artwork up to 24"x36")

Or the Vermirror MINI™ comparator mirror here (good for artwork up to 16"x20")

If you've not yet seen the Documentary Tim's Vermeer, I highly recommend it.  It's the most important art documentary (maybe ever) for improving quickly as a beginner artist.

It rewrites Art History.  And opens up a whole new path to those who thought making amazing artwork was out of their grasp.


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